Stoned Like a Jersey Tomato

Blessed with an enchanting name such as Molly Ann Farms, one might be quite surprised to discover that Jersey Tomatoes are not the only greens reared on this piece of Eden. As it turns out, Molly’s got another plant up her sleeve, and folks in Totowa, NJ, or Wyckoff, NJ might just get a whiff of it.

A Farm of Many Greens

Not confined to these two locations, Molly swings her green thumb even in Wayne, NJ and Hawthorne, NJ. Here the breezy aroma of cannabis leaves whisks through the air. If you thought the Jersey views were mesmerizing, get ready to be entranced by the hints of ridiculously good weed served fresh from Molly’s farm.

Molly’s One-Stop-Shop

And oh, it’s not all farm visits and country air. Molly also runs a one-stop-shop for your cannabis needs. Need some to take home? Want to try a new strain? Paterson, NJ or Haledon, NJ locals can swing by and get their weed right from the dispensary. Folks, Molly’s got a lot of good things growing!