Exploring Trenton and Robbinsville: A Companion Guide from Simply Pure

When you visit Simply Pure in New Jersey, not only can you find all the goods you need, but you can also immerse yourself in local culture and attractions in Trenton and Robbinsville township.

Trenton: A City of Art and History

As the state capital, Trenton is bursting with historic landmarks, vibrant street art, and engaging museums. Breath in the rich history of New Jersey at the New Jersey State Museum, or witness the brilliance on display at The Trenton City Museum. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the Delaware River, taking in the sights of the stunning Trenton Makes Bridge. No day of exploration is complete without a meal, and Trenton won’t disappoint with its array of dining options, including legendary Trenton Tomato Pie.

Robbinsville: A Township of Tranquility

Not too far from Trenton, Robbinsville township offers its own charm. Visiting the Mercer County Cultural and Heritage Commission will allow you to appreciate the area’s cultural diversity and heritage. What’s more, Robbinsville is home to Lake Enno—a place of breathtaking beauty and tranquillity where you can find peace of mind.

Our Commitment: Quality and Engagement

In the heart of all this, Simply Pure stands as a beacon of quality and community engagement. Our owner has dedicated years to advocacy, working closely with organizations such as the Marijuana Policy Project, US Cannabis Council, and National Cannabis Industry Association. Our driving mission is to provide not only supreme products but also a deeper understanding and appreciation for the movement we’re a part of.

We do more than just provide goods—we aim to be an integral part of your experience in New Jersey, making your journey through Trenton and Robbinsville all the more enriching. So next time you visit, remember, there’s more to explore both inside and outside Simply Pure!