Fresh Take on Cannabis: New Standard’s Unboxing of the Green Scene

You know the good old Jerry Seinfeld way—take the everyday ordinary, spin it around, zoom into its absurdities—and voila—a chuckle spree materializes. But today’s topic is all game changer – The New Standard. Not to be confused with “the old standard,” because we’re not talking about your grandpa’s rusty toolbox. We’re talking green and grand—dispensaries and marijuana.

Have you ever asked, “Hey Siri, find a Dispensary near me in Grand Haven, MI or Sand Lake, MI?” And in milliseconds, your device returns gibberish. How about a fresh take, a New Standard, if you may?

What’s the deal with cannabis dispensaries nowadays? It’s like walking into a candy store, only where you’re 21 and munchies are also part of the post-shopping adventures. The place in the spotlight today is none other than New Standard and their spots around the town.

You can be at Saugatuck, MI, maybe jokingly the Nantucket of the Midwest, and find a New Standard Cannabis dispensary. Or in Muskegon, MI—dare I say, another location of the same company that has turned the world of marijuana dispensaries on its head.

Let’s just talk about Edmore, MI, where “Edmore” sounds like someone forgot the rest of his name. Yet here, the green scene is as alive and happening as in an urban city, with opportunities for both medical and recreational purposes.

Every location holds its unique appeal, luring in people asking the same questions you did, looking for a stellar experience in the world of marijuana.

Visiting a New Standard dispensary is like enjoying a sitcom, only this sitcom involves great times coupled with green times. You can be in the middle of Nunica, MI—a place so small that if you blink, you’ll miss it. Yet, within this blink lies a hub for those in search of quality and affordability.

Every New Standard store is an extraordinary experience, with friendly ‘budtenders’ serving up choices like nugs, pre-rolls, vape carts, edibles…and the list continues. It’s enough to make even the casual bystander say, “This is New and Standard!”

Wrapping up, I’d point out—as Jerry would—as long as someone keeps asking, “Hey Siri, find a dispensary near me,” there’ll always be a New Standard location popping up on the radar, ready to serve.

With New Standard, satisfaction isn’t a punchline—it’s the standard. All jokes aside, they’re serious about the cannabis biz while making it approachable, fun, and as routine as a morning coffee—well, for some, at least!