Whose Dispensary is it Anyway? A Comical Look at Medical and Recreational Use

Have you ever wondered about dispensaries? It’s an industry just like any other. Who doesn’t love a good industry? Take the dispensary industry for instance. Well, more specifically take Dort Highway Dispensary. You’ve got medical, you’ve got recreational. But whose dispensary is it really? I mean, come on, we’re in Burton, Michigan here!

The medical users, they walk in all serious, prescription in hand. Their doctor gave them a note, like we’re back in school. “Please allow John to consume cannabis for his glaucoma.” They’re diligent, precise, they’re in and out, just like a doctor’s visit.

But, then you got your recreational users. These folks saunter in like they’re about to sel a record. They are here for a good time, not a long time. They’re looking at everything, wanting to know what every strain, every edible, every lotion and potion does. “Does this one help with creativity?” “Will this one help me relax during my mother-in-law’s visit next week?”

Medical, recreational, they’re all walking into the same building and talking to the same people. It’s like going to the supermarkets. You’ve got the people who walk in with a list of the healthy foods they need to buy, and then you’ve got the people just there for the ice cream.

But whether you’re medical, recreational or just plain curious, the folks at Dort Highway Dispensary are there to help you out. They might not have the answers to life’s biggest questions, like “why do we park on driveways and drive on parkways?”, but they know their cannabis! They know which strain is best for anxiety, which pre-rolled joint will make you laugh like you’re watching my reruns on late-night TV, and they can guide you through their variety of edibles like a pastry chef in a bakery.

Rest assured, when you head over to Dort Highway Dispensary in scenic Burton, Michigan, they’ll welcome you with open arms. It’s just another day on Dort Highway, where every customer’s needs are unique and every cannabis idiosyncracy is just part of the fun.

So, medical or recreational, it doesn’t really matter because, at the end of the day, we all just want something that’ll take the edge off, don’t we?

And speaking of edges, who came up with the idea of “edibles”? I mean, come on…they’re quite the game-changer. Much less coughing, you know what I mean? I’ll leave you with that thought. In the meantime, here’s a joke for the road – Why don’t cannabis plants ever get lost? Because they always take the high road.